first_imgA NUMBER OF flights in and out of Dublin Airport have been cancelled tonight because of high winds.A spokesperson for the airport said there had been 12 cancellations and eight aircraft diverted to Shannon, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast.Although all runways remain open, the decision to divert or cancel flights has been taken by individual airlines because of the inclement weather. Wind speed is currently gusting at 52 knots.In Cork, seven flights have been diverted to Shannon. Four Aer Lingus flights and one Ryanair flight have been cancelled.Passengers have been advised to check the status of their flights with their airlines.American Airlines grounds all flights because of tech glitchAer Lingus to let passengers check in bags evening before flightlast_img

first_imgPic: Robbie GilbertSERVICE ON THE Luas Red Line was interrupted this afternoon after a car ended up on the tracks near the stop at Saggart.It happened shortly after 3.30pm between the Belgard and Saggart stops in west Dublin.The transport service was quick to point out on Twitter that they weren’t to blame for the incident: Source: Luas/Twitter And the issue was sorted out quickly enough: Due to a non luas-related incident, we currently have no service from Belgard to Saggart. Please see for info— Luas (@Luas) June 18, 2014 According to a witness the car was driven onto the tracks, and proceeded some distance down the route along the ‘embedded section’ where the rail is flush with the road surface.The car then became stuck when it hit the ‘heavy rail’ section of the tracks.A tow-truck was dispatched to the scene, and the vehicle removed.Pic: Robbie GilbertIt’s the second service disruption the Red Line this afternoon, following a crash between the Kingswood and Blackhorse stops earlier.Read: Two ice creams are being sold every second in Ireland Read: Changing channels: 98FM pair Dermot & Dave heading to Today FM Source: Luas/Twitter Full Luas Red Line services have now been restored with some delays.— Luas (@Luas) June 18, 2014last_img read more

first_img Source: Hugh O’Connell/Twitter IT WAS A quiet morning around Leinster House when the email notification dropped just after 11am.Ruairí Quinn would be making a statement on the plinth at midday. But what would he be saying? Given the speculation in recent weeks it was reasonable to suggest that resignation was in the offing, but some were even going as far as to suggest he would quit the Dáil altogether.In the end it emerged shortly before midday yesterday that Quinn was going to step down as a Cabinet minister, effectively asking the new Labour leader not to consider him in the reshuffle. He would also not be running for re-election in Dublin South-East.Just before noon journalists, photographers, videographers and media handlers arrived in their significant numbers as they often do with announcements like this outside Leinster House. The last was Joan Burton when she threw her hat into the ring for the Labour leadership in May. He was coy on the leadership battle that will be decided this Friday, declining to say who he had voted for as it is a “secret ballot”.But there were a couple of giveaways not least when he confirmed he had spoken to his family, the Taoiseach, the Tánaiste and Joan Burton about his decision before he announced it. But not Alex White?Then at one point mid-sentence Quinn said “I believe that our new leader, Joan” with an ever-so-slight hesitation before he added: “Or Alex.” Quinn may well have voted for White, but his remarks were indicative of the belief in Labour that it’s going to be Joan Burton.It was put to Quinn that this was an act of petulance – to announce his resignation now in order to deny Burton – or White – the pleasure of sacking him.“I don’t think I am noted for my petulance,” he insisted while acknowledging that the decision has come “sooner than I would like”. what the stand out moment for him in all his years in politics was, he responded with a question of his own: “How much time have you got?” adding that “there’s too many.”On education he said that he had given Eamon Gilmore a letter with 12 items on education four years ago and as many as eight of them are on the way to being implemented as he steps down.He talked-up Labour’s achievements in the several governments he has served in.Ireland, he said, has become a “more tolerant country” noting the legislation for divorce, introduction of civil partnerships, decriminalisation of homosexuality and “recognising the right to life of pregnant women”.He defiantly declared: “We will win a referendum to allow same-sex marriage later on.” Quinn: I made this decision on my own behalf for myself— Hugh O’Connell (@oconnellhugh) July 2, 2014 He insisted several times that he had made the decision “on my own behalf” and it was nothing to do with expectations of being sacked or demoted. Quinn said his choice would not be “transferable to anybody else” as thoughts turned to the other endangered Labour minister Pat Rabbitte.Asked had he regrets, Quinn responded jokingly: “Do you have an orchestra?”, before going on to conclude:“Do I have regrets? Who’s not human. But do I have a sense of achievement working in a party that I love and changing this country for the better? Yes, I do.”And with that he was done, there was time for pictures and for the outgoing minister to joke about his hair: he was back into Leinster House with more than likely just a few days left in his office at the Department of Education.A colleague near the plinth noted that it was all “very Ruairí”. Indeed, the veteran minister had done it on his own terms.  Read: “A nice, decent gentleman” and the inventor of the Euro: Reaction to Ruairí Quinn’s departureRead: Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn has resigned from Cabinet Source: Hugh O’Connell/Twittercenter_img This was Quinn taking his hat out of the ring, deciding that it was time to step down and allow space for what he called “a new generation”.It was a pre-emptive move given the likelihood that the new Labour leader would seek to refresh the ministerial ranks and dump Quinn and other veteran ministers as early as next week.“I want to ensure that the new leader of my party – whoever that may be – has the opportunity to create their own team on their own terms,” he said .“An opportunity to give a new generation a chance to lead, a chance to rebuild our party and to finish the work of cementing a real recovery for all of the Irish people.” Excitement builds on the plinth #themightyquinn— Hugh O’Connell (@oconnellhugh) July 2, 2014 Source: Hugh O’Connell/Twitter Interestingly, Ruairi Quinn spoke to Joan Burton before he resigned. But not the other Labour leadership contender Alex White?— Hugh O’Connell (@oconnellhugh) July 2, 2014last_img read more

first_img Please God let that be the end of that.2. Although Garthgate was tiresome, the 400,000 ticketholders had a vested interest. Some even took to the streets. N had a theory and 4,479 thumbs:Garth Brook$3. We saw some enormous bonfires constructed for Twelfth of July commemorations in Northern Ireland, one contained a hanging effigy of Gerry Adams. Hank told those who did it what he thought of them, 2,889 people agreed:Classy as ever boys.4. The broadcasting icon that is Bill O’Herlihy made his final appearance on the RTÉ soccer panel. Some man according to Derek Byrne and 2,753 others:Legend.Very best of luck in your retirement5. More thoughts from Jamie McCormack on the Gerry Adams effigy. 2,427 green thumbs:How can this be considered culture. It’s pure hatred.The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week1. Malaysian passenger plane shot down by surface-to-air missile over Ukraine (479 comments)2. It’s over: Garth Brooks confirms all five concerts are cancelled (429 comments)3. ‘We want justice’ chants at Dublin Gaza rally, as conflict death toll tops 125 (372 comments)4. Israel launches ground operation in Gaza (359 comments)5. Condemnation after lynched figure depicting Gerry Adams placed on loyalist bonfire (338 comments)The big issue this week Source: AP/Press Association ImagesPun of the weekA aggro seagull called Jonathan was apparently terrorising the people of Waterford during the week but fergal ohagan thinks Jonathan might have actually be Josephine.Gulls just wanna have fun, that’s all they really want! Some of our favourite commentsThe awful story of a woman who travelled to Austria for a termination for medical reasons received a lot of support in the comments section. Here’s one from Sinead Doyle.I want to thank this lady. Her article word for word was what I went through… Except I never got to see my baby. Or asked if it was a boy or girl as my partner didn’t want to know. We had to leave our country. Our home. Our family. Our support network. To go through what I can only describe as the worst nightmare I will ever experience. Our government fights tooth and nail to have a singer preform for five nights… And ignores women men and families going through these horrific times.***FIGHT FOR TFMR!!! ***An another from Sinead Hanley.That’s a heartbreaking story.. As someone who is pro life i do think we should legislate for TMFR. No woman should have to travel to another country to bring a doomed much wanted pregnancy to an end. I’d fear for the emotional well being for any woman who has to travel.. Its too much and its not fair and we need it sorted asap.This article need more Garth, thanks Dillon:I’m devastated. I even bought the official Garth Brooks USB memory stick from Amazon. It was supposed to be 5 gigs but when I plugged it in, turns out it was only 3 gigs. Now it’s not working at all. I want a refund.Any comment that transtitons from erudite commentary on NAMA to pulling in Coppers if top notch commenting. Fair dues Patrick Morgan:I’m all for NAMA making a bomb for the state however it does it under the condition that all citizens reap a benefit. What concerns me is that effective oversight and control over its activities is lacking. I am deducing this from the statement that the staff in NAMA are highly skilled and specialised. Isn’t that what created the now 7 year old global crisis in the first place ? “Clever” bankers making tons of money selling false promises that were dolled up to look like the best catch in Coppers. Unfortunately it’s not until next morning you wake up and see what you really got. And then ….Last week’s top comments EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we take a look at all the best comments left on the site by our readers over the past seven days.This week there was a lot of talk about the MH17 , the bombing in Gaza and (sorry) Garth Brooks.So here are the standout comments from the week that was.The 5 most popular comments this week1. Much to many people’s annoyance, the Garth Brooks saga has dragged on and on. On Monday, the man himself stuck the final nail in the coffin. Daryl Kevin summed up the mood for 4,732 thumbs:last_img read more

first_imgOprah? Total tech junkie. There are a number of gadgets dotting the queen of daytime’s lift of “favorite things.” At the top of the list is Apple’s iPad, which Winfrey told her audience is “the best invention of the century so far.”As is her custom, Oprah gave the tablet away to customarily overzealous audience members. The free iPads were also stocked with a Scrabble app and a digital copy of O Magazine. AdChoices广告“Words cannot describe what I feel for this magnificent device,” she told the audience “Thanks to my iPad, I now read about four newspapers a day. I write my column for O magazine on the iPad way before the deadline because I love writing on it so much.”Also on her list this year was a Sony BRAVIA LX900 3D HDTV ($3,600), a Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera ($700), and a five-year subscription to Netflix, which, as we all know, is worth more now than it was a few weeks ago. The biggest prize prize? That fleet of 2012 VW Beetles.last_img read more

first_imgVictorinox is more commonly known as the company that manufactures Swiss army knives, and Swiss army knives with USB flash storage built into them. Now, the company has unveiled the Victorinox Slim and the Victorinox Slim Duo, two new fold-out USB flash drives with all of the perks of a modest Swiss army knife. Previous iterations have focused more on the tools and less on the storage – the Slim and Slim Duo are the first series of devices where the USB storage is the focus, and the knife, nail file, and scissors you get along with it are bonuses. The Slim and Slim Duo come in sizes up to 64GB and 128GB respectively, and both models are waterproof, shock resistant, and will be available in a number of different colors to match your style. Pricing and availability have not been announced.last_img read more

first_imgIf you don’t play video games, you’re missing out on some of the most meticulously arranged and elegantly performed orchestral and classical music produced today. Last night at the Grammy Awards, this point was made absolutely clear when Baba Yetu, a beautiful piece from Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, took the Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) award. The song is the original work of composer Christopher Tin, who composed the piece to be the theme song for the game and to appear on his first album, titled Calling All Dawns. The song appears in the opening sequence of the game, and was originally meant to be game’s theme song. The vocals are performed by Stanford Talisman, a choral group from Stanford University. The lyrics are a direct translation of The Lord’s Prayer in Swahili, and the song earned specific praise from game reviewers when Civilization IV came out. The Academy thought the song moving enough to earn Tin high praise for his work.Civilization IV is only one of an entire new breed of video games that rely on orchestras and composers for their music, a far cry from the 8-bit MIDI loops that a lot of people still associated with video game music. Tin, for his part, is heading home with a lot of new attention on his work, and two new awards (the other was for Best Classical Crossover Album, for Calling All Dawns.) If you haven’t heard Baba Yetu, click the jump to hear it as part of the opening sequence to the game. [via Venture Beat]AdChoices广告last_img read more

first_imgMembers of Google’s Chrome team reached out to the Google community on a thread over on Reddit . They answered questions, and are got into some very interesting conversations, particularly concerning speed.The team members included product manager Jeff Chang, user interface designer Glen Murphy, and software engineer Peter Kasting. The six-hour-long window was opened up to users to ask questions of all kinds.One of the most interesting parts of the forum concerned Google’s mind-blowing Internet  speed. Tanaric, a “Googler” at the San Fransisco office, posted a screenshot from (pictured above) showing the download speed as 523.96 Mb/s. Of course, the comments following that were along the lines of expletives and pure astonishment.To understand that number, we took a look at Ookla’s Net Index, which is based on millions of recent test results from The index compares and ranks consumer download speeds around the globe. The average speed for a European country is about 12 Mb/s, and in the US it’s about 10 Mb/s. A screenshot on the forum (shown above)  shows one of the authors downloading the video game RIFT. It’s downloading at 32 megabytes per second.The speed at Google is apparently faster than 99 percent of that in the US, has an A+ grade, and a 3.5-out-of-5-star rating. That’s pretty darn fast.Read more at Redditlast_img read more

first_imgMicrosoft has been on a roll lately in terms of newsworthy announcements. First we had Windows 8 and the decommission of the Start button, then the Surface tablet announcement, Windows Phone 8 details and the acquisition of Yammer for $1.2 billion. The latest piece of news we have though is this screenshot taken from a Microsoft Research presentation.Lots of companies have been working on innovating the touch keyboard found on most smartphones nowadays, the likes of Swype and Swiftkey jump to mind. But here Microsoft have managed to take it in another direction by attempting to develop a touch keyboard that is easy and simple to use with just one hand without imitating Swype. To do this they’ve angled the keyboard to a curve to match the natural reach of your thumb across the screen. They’ve also grouped multiple letters to one key reminiscent of the keypads found on non-smartphones which will probably function similar to T9 input.The addition of a one-handed keyboard being introduced in Apollo should be no surprise to anyone who follows the rumor mill surrounding Windows Phone, just over a year ago there was a leaked shot of an un-wiped whiteboard in a video about Microsoft working on white space data transmission in the UK. You can just about make out among the untidy handwriting the words ‘one-handed input (Apollo)’ suggesting Microsoft have had this concept in mind for quite some time.via WMPowerUserRyan’s OpinionI’m not too sure if this would be something I’d like to use as I never really took to T9 input, I just preferred to tap out the entire word. I was in my early teens however, so who knew what was going through my mind, probably some form of stubbornness. I’d give it a good shot if I owned a Windows Phone or something similar came to Google’s Play Store though as it’s pretty uncomfortable to type one handed on my Galaxy Nexus. Overall it’s great to see some innovation in something as simple and underrated (where innovation is concerned) as the touch keyboard.last_img read more

first_imgAsus has taken the wraps off its latest phone-tablet hybrid, the Padfone Infinity. It’s easily the company’s most ambitious tandem to date: both the 5-inch phone and 10-inch tablet feature full 1080p HD displays, for a PPI count of 441 on the phone and 218 on the tablet.Like the Padfone 2, there’s a quad-core processor under the hood. Once again, Asus has opted for a Qualcomm chip. It’s a Snapdragon 600 with Adreno 320 graphics clocked at 1.7GHz, and it should provide a substantial performance boost over the last-generation model despite only being clocked 200MHz faster. As you’d expect from a premium Android smartphone in 2013, the Padfone Infinity also has 2GB of RAM.The base model includes 32GB of internal storage and a 64GB model is also available. Other items rounding out the spec sheet include a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, 2MP webcam, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 support, as well as GPS and GLONASS. The phone features a generous 2400mAh battery that’s rated for about 19 hours of use — while the additional pack inside the tablet dock more than doubles that run time. Just about every wireless network under the sun is supported (including HSPA+ and LTE), but you’ll need to have a shiny, new nano-SIM in your possession to use the Padfone Infinity.While the new model shows that Asus is ready and willing to push the concept of dockable phone-tablet hybrids forward, it also shows that the company is enamored with the designs of one of its competitors. That black slab with gently-rounded corners and a band of brushed aluminum looks an awful lot like it was “inspired by” the iPhone.Now read: Samsung sets the Galaxy S4 reveal date as March 14last_img read more

first_imgArt comes in many forms, but it’s not often you see an implement used for drawing art actually getting turned into art itself. But that’s what Hungarian artist and deviantART user Cerkahegyzo has done by turning pencils into mini masterpieces.Most pencils are just a piece of graphite mixed with a clay binder and encased in wood, so how on earth do you turn one of them into a piece of art? Cerkahegyzo manages that by removing the wooden outer shell and carving the graphite that lies inside.So precise is Cerkahegyzo’s carving, he can create something resembling chain links out of a single pencil graphite. And not just one but two chains seemingly coming from a single piece of graphite. He’s also created a set of tiny keys, a brush, and a character resembling the chest-bursting alien from that well-known movie series exploding out of the end of a pencil.Cerkahegyzo isn’t a full-time artist. Instead, he makes these pieces in his free time and classes it as just a hobby. His actual career is as a tool maker, and for carving the pencil graphite he uses everyday “tools” from around the home, in particular he carves with nails. As for inspiration, he says that Dalton Ghetti was a big influence.I urge you to head on over to Cerkahegyzo’s deviantART page and check out the growing collection of photos showing off his work. It’s not as diverse as Ghetti’s work yet, but then he’s only been sharing his pieces with the world since 2011.last_img read more

first_imgJust how low can Shanzhai manufacturers go on a quad-core Android smartphone? Whoever built the Daxian XY100S thinks $100 is easily doable.Like many Chinese Android devices, the XY100S is “inspired” by the designs of the iPhone and Galaxy S3. In addition to the quad-core processor, it’s also got a 4.7-inch display, and it’s even running Android 4.2 out of the box.Head on over to shopping site Taobao, and you’ll find this bad boy for as little as $84. Tack on shipping fees, and you’re right around $100 — for a quad-core Jelly Bean phone with a 4.7-inch display.The Daxian is every bit a budget Chinese phone, however. You won’t be getting a Snapdragon S4 Pro or even a Tegra 3 in the XY100S. Instead, it’s powered by a Mediatek MTK6589 quad-core Cortex A7 chip clocked at 1.5GHz. The humble (and much less expensive) processor means the XY100S won’t compete with, say, the Galaxy S4 or HTC One in terms of sheer muscle, but it’s still a capable performer.As for that 4.7-inch screen, it’s not exactly a top-notch part either. It’s an 854×480 panel, which makes for a comparatively low PPI. You can also count on the viewing angles, brightness, and color reproduction not matching what you’d get on an Android phone from Samsung, HTC, or Sony.The XY100S also hobbled by just 4GB of internal storage. That’s not much space for your OS and core apps, but at least there’s a microSD expansion slot. And no, no LTE here. This is a GSM and CDMA phone only.Still, the Daxian XY100S does have 1GB. Most Chinese droids at this price ship with half that. It’s also got 2MP front and 8MP rear cameras and includes a pair of 1800mAh batteries.For $100, the XY100S is a pretty impressive phone… assuming it’s stable enough to use on a consistent basis. Then again, when you’re getting a quad-core phone for $100 it might not even be a requirement that it’s all that stable.last_img read more

first_imgThough Kickstarter may be all the rage these days, many people bemoan problems inherent to its crowdfunding system, which is partly why other similar sites — such as Indiegogo — came to be so popular. The story of the Kickstarted board game, The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, is one such instance of one of Kickstarter’s inherent problems.This board game is a macabre parody of the classic Monopoly, featuring everyone’s favorite tentacled monster-deity from the deep, Cthulhu. The game’s company, The Forking Path, set a funding goal of $35,000, but managed to reach $122,874 in total by the end of the funding period thanks to 1,246 backers. One year after the funding goal was met, the company updated its Kickstarter campaign page with the sad note that the game has been canceled.Erik Chevalier of The Forking Path wrote the update, stating that “every possible mistake was made” regarding the path to creating the game, blaming them not only on his own inexperience in the board game publishing world, but also on ego, and legal issues. The two designers of the game, Lee Moyer and Keith Baker, did not have any hand in the decision — nor are a part of The Forking Path — and were simply informed by Erik Chevalier of that decision.As Baker stated, both he and Moyer had faith in Chevalier and The Forking Path when the company entered into the agreement to publish the game, but the two have no idea what happened to the money and are equally outraged at the unfortunate turn of events.In the update, Chevalier stated he would attempt to refund everyone’s money, but noted there would be complications. He quit his job in order to work full-time at The Forking Path, and noted he will put the remaining funds into a bank account, and give refunds whenever there is enough to do so. For now, though, he has to look for a job. Obviously, the implication here is that he has no idea when he’ll be able to pay people back. He promised to alert backers when each and every refund is delivered, and also promised to post an in-depth postmortem regarding everything that went wrong with the project.Baker and Moyer can’t produce the game as it was presented on Kickstarter, but due to the terms of The Forking Path contract, the pair have retained the rights to the art and design of the game. They will be releasing it in a print-and-play fashion in the future to hopefully quell some of the anger.If there’s one thing you should remember when backing a Kickstarter (or any other crowdfunding platform) project, it’s that you never know what’s going to happen, since the product isn’t sitting on stores shelves and immediately obtainable. So, you should only spend the money if you’re okay with losing it if something with the campaign goes awry. After all, that risk is what being an investor is all about.last_img read more

first_imgTalk that Amazon is going to release a smartphone just won’t go away. A new round of speculation has been kicked off by a Hacker News post that claims a low-end model and a hero device are currently in the works.Some of the information in the post lines up somewhat with previous rumblings about Amazon’s phone efforts. The high-end model will indeed feature a 3D user experience — but it may be an interface-only thing like iOS 7 and not a glasses-free 3D screen as claimed earlier this year.Like Samsung, Amazon is said to be integrating eye-tracking tech into its high-end phone. Four cameras placed in each corner of the device are mentioned, but it’s possible that these are actually light and motion sensors — perhaps one at the top and another at the bottom. Add in front- and rear-facing shooters and you’ve got four “cameras” in total.The added sensors reportedly allow the phone to focus on the user’s face when rendering its 3D UI, ensuring that the best possible view is displayed. Some also believe that the eye-tracking tech will allow Amazon to gather loads of additional insight about how users view content.Another trick the cameras will be used for? Price comparisons. Amazon is said to be working on an enhanced version of its current app that lets you scan barcodes. The new tool will work like Google’s reverse image search: take a picture of anything and Amazon will try to match it up with something from its virtual warehouse.As for the low-end Amazon phone, few additional details have been revealed. It’s said to run a version of Fire OS that’s been modified for a smaller screen, which sounds logical enough.As for when the phones are coming and whether the low-end model will be free — as rumored several times — CEO Jeff Bezos recently responded with a resounding “no.” The phones also won’t be arriving this year, but likely some time in 2014.last_img read more

first_img 14 Comments Monday 24 Oct 2016, 8:43 AM Image: Owen Sweeney AP/PA IN AN EVENING filled with jokes about Bill Murray’s elusiveness and quirky personality, it was David Letterman who provided the most touching moment as Murray was honoured with America’s top prize for comedy.Murray, 66, received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour last night at the Kennedy Centre, joining several other “Saturday Night Live” alumni to win the annual award.After he was presented with a bust of Mark Twain, Murray handed it to a man in the first row of the audience and urged the crowd to pass it around.Known for living outside the Hollywood bubble, Murray admitted he was uncomfortable sitting in a box with his family while more than a dozen of his co-stars and collaborators spoke warmly about his body of work.“It’s really hard to listen to all those people be nice to you for two days,” Murray said. “You just get real suspicious.”‘Bill Murray’s christening gown’His acceptance speech followed a heartfelt tribute by the bearded Letterman, who made a rare public appearance since his late-night show ended last June. Murray was a guest on Letterman’s shows 44 times over the years, and the two grew close, even spending time together at Letterman’s vacation home in Montana.After an appearance in 2003, Letterman told Murray that his then-infant son would be christened that weekend. An hour later, Letterman said, a package was delivered to his office containing a handmade Irish linen christening gown.“That Saturday, my son, in Bill Murray’s christening gown, was christened at St. Ignatius in Manhattan, and we have this memory, we have this gift, we have this gesture for the rest of our lives,” Letterman said. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesThere were plenty of laughs at Murray’s expense in evening that took on the tone of a gentle roast. Jimmy Kimmel, Aziz Ansari, Sigourney Weaver and Steve Martin were among those who ribbed Murray for being aloof, unpredictable and difficult to reach — and somehow still lovable.“I think you and I are about as close as two people can be, considering that one of them is you,” Martin said in a video tribute.The show, which was taped for broadcast Friday on PBS, had one major stumble, courtesy of Miley Cyrus, who cursed repeatedly and made an excuse about smoking too many cigarettes after she botched the lyrics to a version of “My Way.”Despite not having a microphone, Murray came to her rescue, joking with the crowd from his seat as Cyrus and the crew set up for a second attempt at the song, which went more smoothly.Crashing weddingsAfter getting his break on “Saturday Night Live,” Murray went on to star in some of the most successful comedies of the 1980s and 1990s before transitioning into more dramatic roles. He was nominated for an Oscar for his soulful turn as a washed-up actor in Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation.” Source: AP/Press Association ImagesHe’s become a folk hero in the social-media era by turning up unannounced at wedding receptions, kickball games and house parties. He’s also a regular at Chicago Cubs games and celebrity golf tournaments.This weekend, he got to meet President Barack Obama. And what did the two men talk about? “Putting,” Murray said before the show.Murray lives in South Carolina, doesn’t have an agent or a publicist and rarely does in-depth interviews. He famously forces people offering him scripts to call an 800 number and leave a voicemail. He said he would have been happy to skip the festivities surrounding the prize, especially if his beloved Chicago Cubs hadn’t already advanced to the World Series.“If this could all have been done in a letter that I received, that would have been enough,” Murray told The Associated Press on the red carpet. “It’s hard to stand still for this. It’s a squirm-a-thon for me.”The prize was first awarded in 1998 and goes to those who influence society in the tradition of Samuel Clemens, the writer, satirist and social commentator better known as Mark Twain. Other “Saturday Night Live” alumni who’ve received it include Tina Fey, Will Ferrell and last year’s winner, Eddie Murphy.In his speech, Murray — the fifth of nine children — also paid tribute to his older brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, who helped him get his start in improvisational theatre. His brother had to be the breadwinner for the family after their father died, and Murray said it took courage for Brian to pursue his dreams.“My brother had more guts than anyone I ever knew, and the only reason I’m here tonight is because of the guts of my brother Brian,” Murray said. “He’s been waiting a long time to hear that.”Read: The man behind the excellent Martin’s Life is writing a full TV series>Read: Comedian Bill Burr slagged off rashers on his podcast after a visit to Dublin> Short URL Image: Owen Sweeney AP/PA Share8 Tweet Email1 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Oct 24th 2016, 8:43 AM ‘It’s a squirm-a-thon for me’: Bill Murray accepts America’s top comedy award After being handed the award, Murray gave it to a man in the first row of the audience and told the crowd to pass it around. 15,719 Views By Associated Presslast_img read more

first_img 27,901 Views Feb 20th 2017, 1:08 PM Monday 20 Feb 2017, 1:08 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 1 Comment Musician loses damages claim after falling into moat while allegedly ‘spinning around looking at the stars’ Philippe Clark fell into the moat at a Martello Tower in south Dublin where he had been given permission to perform. By Saurya Cherfi Share58 Tweet Email The Martello Tower on Killiney Hill Source: Google MapsA 56-YEAR-OLD musician, who claimed he injured his left shoulder when he fell into a deep, dry, concrete-lined moat after having left a Martello tower to “relieve himself”, has lost a €60,000 damages claim in the Circuit Civil Court.Judge Jacqueline Linnane said in her view, Philippe Clark, of Kilmanagh, Co Kilkenny, had failed to prove that Niall O’Donoghue, owner of the tower at Killiney, south Dublin, had been negligent.The judge said that on the night of 12 March 2014, Clark had been rehearsing with fellow musicians after he had been given permission to play a series of gigs in the tower.He had taken a break to relieve himself and had asked Niall O’Donoghue’s son, Philip, where the toilet was. When told to exit the rehearsal room and turn right outside Clark had decided to turn left instead to admire the view and relieve himself in the garden.He claimed he had been walking on the grass when his left foot suddenly “fell” into the one-metre-deep moat while his right foot remained up on the bank. He had felt a crack in his groin area when his legs were splayed in opposite directions and had also injured his shoulder in the fall. He had suffered pain and swelling to his groin.Judge Linnane told barrister Conor Kearney, counsel for O’Donoghue, that Clark, who claimed there had been insufficient light in the area on the night of his accident, had visited the grounds before in daylight.TrampolineThe judge said that Mr Clark had told a doctor, who examined him on behalf of O’Donoghue, that following his injuries he had been unable to play gigs for a year.“In fact, Mr Clark did a gig the following day, then participated in a video recording and another gig in May 2014,” Judge Linnane said.She said pictures taken from the video showed him playing bongo drums and jumping on a trampoline and he had not appeared to have any problem whatsoever with his arm.Kearney told the court that the property was privately owned even though visitors were sometimes allowed into it. He said O’Donoghue, who had spent substantial sums of money to renovate the tower to its original state, denied negligence or liability for Clark’s claim.“Mr O’Donoghue was good enough to let you use his property for free and you end up suing him after you tried to relieve yourself in his garden and fell into a moat which was obvious to everyone,” Kearney told Clark in cross-examination.Philip O’Donoghue, the defendant’s son, told the court that after Clark had fallen Clark had told him it was his own fault as he had been “spinning around looking at the stars”.Judge Linnane said she was satisfied after hearing evidence from forensic engineer Pat Culleton, on behalf of O’Donoghue, that the moat was visible in the available light.She dismissed Clark’s claim and awarded legal costs against him.Comments have been disabled. Read: The figures that reveal Ryanair’s ‘very up and down’ relationship with Shannon AirportRead: Anger as ambassador hits out at claims Ireland will leave the EU Short URLlast_img read more

first_img Tuesday 24 Jan 2017, 10:44 AM The Irish Girl Guides says it will now consult with its members. Jan 24th 2017, 10:44 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Shutterstock Short URL 16,623 Views center_img The Irish Girl Guides says it will now consult with its members. Image: Shutterstock Share3025 Tweet Email2 TRANSGENDER CHILDREN WHO are male on their birth cert but who self-identify as female will be allowed to join the Irish Girl Guides.The 106-year-old organisation has confirmed that they agreed over the weekend to amend their rules after a transgender member contacted them last year.The Irish Girl Guides says it will give effect to the decision by amending its equality policy guidelines to include the fact that “anyone who lives their lives as female is welcome to join.”The Irish Girl Guides accepts children from the age of five and members are part of the Ladybirds at age 5-7 years, the Brownies at age 7-10 years and the Guides at age 10-14 years. After that they can remain in the Senior Branch at age 14-30 years.The decision to admit transgender children into their membership comes after a similar decision was made by the Girlguiding UK last week. The Irish Girl Guides says their decision was coincidental to that which was taken in the UK.With the decision now made to admit transgender girls into their ranks, the Irish Girl Guides says it will develop guidelines to about how to welcome such children.These guidelines will be developed from standards that have been put in place by their counterparts in Canada.CEO of Irish Girl Guides Linda Peters says they will first consult with their current membership before finalising these guidelines.“Our board decided to invite one of our own members who has a transgender child to come to our next meeting to help with our discussions and consideration regarding practical guidelines for our volunteer leaders,” she added.Read: Obama ‘considering reducing Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence’ >Read: 149 trans people have their gender officially recognised by Ireland > By Rónán Duffy The Irish Girl Guides is to start allowing transgender children into their ranks Children who are male on their birth cert but who self-identify as female will be allowed to join. 229 Comments last_img read more

first_imgThe secret life of the Amish-Mennonite community in Waterford The religious group has been in Dunmore East for 25 years. 41 Comments Short URL Image: Daniel Keating Apr 16th 2017, 8:30 PM Two women working in the bakery 78,038 Views By Daniel Keating Two women working in the bakery Image: Daniel Keating Pastor Wendell Hochstetler Source: Daniel KeatingThe pastor says that two men can build an average shed in a day. The sheds are very durable and hold a corrugated metal roof. “We use heavy timber framework and we insulate the roof,” he says. Beside the sheds is a newly built pergola which is similar to a big wooden canopy. “This is something new and we have just sold one,” he says.A few miles up the road from the petrol station is the community hall and church. “Our school is located here”. The school teaches children to Leaving Certificate level, and the students sit the actual exams in another local school.Inside there is a large meeting hall where members meet for service. “Sometimes we have people come over from Germany and stay here with us for a while.” The hall is very basic and plain; it doesn’t carry a lot of decor or objects. It is a calm place, with a sense of peace about it. Students at the school Source: Daniel KeatingIn the classrooms just off the hall, the kids are learning Irish and maths. “The teachers are trained in America,” says the pastor. In one of the classrooms the teacher is helping one of the children with algebra.The workshopAt the back, outside the community centre is a mural of the children’s favourite books that they painted on the side of the workshop. Inside the large workshop is a selection of high powered tools and stocks of wood. “We are very quiet today as we have been working on the shop ceiling”.  He explains that a lot of the furniture would be made in the winter, so the summer is free to work off-site fitting decking and fencing, which can be extremely popular during the warmer months.There is a giant-sized game of Connect Four in the corner of the workshop. “My son made this last year when he was bored – he was fourteen at the time”.At the back of the workshop there is a large door which is used for unloading containers that deliver supplies from the United States. “Last week we had one that backed up to the door and eight of us had to empty it piece by piece,”he said.All of the sawdust and wood shavings are sucked through a vacuum system which compacts the waste into pellets, “We put the pellets in a burner which is used to heat the shop and our house”.On the other side of the workshop there is a barn that is home to a number of cows and pigs. “It’s not part of our beliefs but we tend to grow our own fruit, veg and supply our own meat,” he says. The cow is munching away on its morning hay. “We will be sending it out to graze soon.” Beside the animals is a large red tractor. “You always need a good tractor to get work done,” he notes.IntegrationThe church tries to integrate more with the local community and they do this through the Comeragh wilderness camps in nearby Rathgormack. The camp is set up to help troubled young teenage boys. “The initiative is based on a program we have in America,” he says. The teenagers have the option to take part in the two-week summer camp consisting of one or two week sessions.Activities that the teens would take part in include hiking and arts and crafts. There is also a summer event for children which they can attend in the morning and go home in the evening. “We have around 40 children a week that comes to that programme, so it’s a big event,” he says.The community that came to Waterford city 25 years ago is still going strong with a growing population. The pastor explains the thinking behind it all.“It’s not about having our little American community – it’s about reaching out to others and sharing the love of Jesus.”Read: One in 10 Irish people say they have no religion, the second largest group behind Roman CatholicsRead: ‘The colour of hope’: Tomb of Jesus restored to former glory in time for Easter visitors  AT A SMALL petrol station outside Dunmore East on a beautiful April morning, there are two men outside the shop. One of them is carrying planks of wood from a van.“We are working on the ceiling”, says Pastor Wendell Hochstetler. Pastor Hochstetler is a part of the Amish-Mennonite community in Dunmore East in Waterford.The group came to Dunmore from the United States 25 years ago after being invited by a local family. They are known as Anabaptists, which shares some beliefs with Catholicism. The pastor explains that the main difference is that “we believe in a believer’s baptism and that baptism should occur at an older age.”Members of the church abstain from using television and radio, but are more accepting of technology and modern society than some Amish followers – they even have their own website. Most community members are from the United States with others originating from Ukraine, Romania, and several from Waterford, along with a family from Wales. Pastor Wendell is from South Carolina and finds the weather in Ireland “a lot colder”.The pastor’s sons have been up since 5am this morning. “We start early so we can finish before the shop opens,” he says. The shop is called Jaybee’s Source: Daniel KeatingWhen entering the shop at the petrol station, there is a wonderful aroma of baking. “That’s our bakery,” Pastor Wendell says. Inside, there are two women working at the bakery. There is a foot-long cinnamon roll on the table chopped and ready to enter the oven.“We usually start around 6am in the morning but sometimes earlier,” says one of the women. They are making cakes for the accompanying shop and the local retail store.Beside the cinnamon roll is a large industrial mixing bowl. “We are making madeira cake,” says the second woman. A man arrives with more cakes and hot cross buns. “This is our first week selling hot cross buns,” says Pastor Hochstetler. On the main shop floor his sons are still working on the ceiling.Next door to the shop and in front of the bakery is the book shop. It is stocked with an array of biblical books, pictures and pottery. “We bring most of our stock over in big containers” from the States, he says. Some products in the bakery Source: Daniel KeatingThe cases sitting on a nearby shelf contain Bible covers. “We sell lots and lots of those, actually,” the pastor says, smiling.The shedsBack on the shop floor the men are finishing up their work and leave the place in immaculate condition. “On a day like today we can get quite busy,” Pastor Wendell says. The shop, which is famous for its ice-creams, can sell 22,000 cones every summer. “We tend to keep our mix very thick, we don’t water it down and we have a very good ice-cream maker.” The store is also famous for carrot cake, and can make up 200 carrot cakes a week.There is a display of sheds outside the shop, which is part of the wood crafts business run by the religious community. “A lot of these sheds are made over in America by our people. It’s a big business for many of our families,” Pastor Wendell says. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share Tweet Email25 Sunday 16 Apr 2017, 8:30 PM last_img read more

first_img Tuesday 25 Apr 2017, 8:59 PM By Órla Ryan NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news.IRELAND Sophie Finnegan, Elise Glavin and Molly Clifton from St John the Baptist National School pictured at the Teddy Bear Hospital, UCC. Source: GERARD MCCARTHYThe number of homeless families and children reached a new record high.The chair of the board of St Vincent’s Hospital Group said any medical procedure currently legal in Ireland will be carried out at the new national maternity hospital.Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan added her own personal experience to the stories being shared today by rank-and-file gardaí of attacks they have suffered in the line of duty.A childminder pleaded not guilty to causing serious harm to a 10-month-old baby.A building contractor walked free from court after receiving a three-year suspended jail term for a €2.594 million Revenue tax fraud.The trial of seven men accused of false imprisonment with regard to a water charges protest in Jobstown in November 2014 was delayed after one of the jury was discharged.A company owned by billionaire Denis O’Brien was given the go-ahead to build several luxury apartment blocks near Dublin’s city centre.WORLD German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US First Daughter Ivanka Trump at a dinner after the W20 Summit in Berlin. Source: Michael Sohn/AP/Press Association Images#THAILAND: A man in Phuket filmed himself killing his child and then himself on Facebook Live.#SWEDEN: A Swedish court sentenced three young men to prison for gang-raping a woman and livestreaming the attack on Facebook.#GERMANY: Ivanka Trump was laughed at when she defended her father at a women’s summit in Berlin.#SCOTLAND: Support for Scottish independence has dropped ahead of the snap election in the UK, according to a new poll.PARTING SHOT French presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron Source: PA ImagesWant to get up to speed on the French election? Vox has explained it in nine maps and charts.Comments are closed as legal proceedings are ongoing in a number of the above cases.  Here’s What Happened Today: Tuesday Homelessness figures, garda assaults and Ivanka Trump had everyone talking today. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article No Comments center_img Get our daily news round up: Short URL Apr 25th 2017, 8:59 PM 14,610 Views Share2 Tweet Email last_img read more

first_img Tuesday 2 May 2017, 12:37 PM 5 Comments The Oaks at Riverbank in Limerick near where the fire took place. Family of American woman who died in Limerick house fire flying from US to identify her body The woman has lived in Ireland for several years, and attended University of Limerick. May 2nd 2017, 12:37 PM Short URL THE FAMILY OF an American woman who died following a house fire in Limerick yesterday are flying to Ireland today to help identify her body, garda sources said.The woman, aged in her mid 20s, was a native of New York and had been living in Dublin for the past number of years.The body of the former University of Limerick media student was found by firefighters in a bedroom on the second floor of a three-storey detached at The Oaks, Riverbank, Annacotty.The property was destroyed in the fire in the early hours of Monday morning.Sources said it’s believed the fire was caused as a result of an electrical fault involving a mobile phone charger.It’s also believed the fire started in the bedroom where the body was found.The deceased sustained fatal and catastrophic burn injuries in the fire. The body has not yet been formally identified and members of her family are traveling to Limerick today to provide a DNA sample as part of the identification process.According to garda sources, the woman had travelled to Limerick with a female friend for the bank holiday weekend and had booked accommodation in a hotel in the city.She was one of 12,000 other competitors who participated in the Barrington’s Hospital Great Limerick Run the day before she died.According to garda sources, on the night of the fire the deceased had lost her hotel room key and stayed over with college friends in Annacotty.Three member of the UL Bohemians rugby team and a woman who were in the house in Annacotty managed to escape the fire uninjured.Tony Quilty, PRO, UL Bohs, said: “All our thoughts are with the boys, and with the young lady who died and her family.”Local Fine Gael councillor Marian Hurley, said the community had been “rocked” by the tragedy.Gardaí, who are not releasing the deceased’s name until after the body has been identified and all family members notified, have ruled out foul play.Read: ‘It’s so hard to take in’: Woman (20s) dies in fire at home of club rugby players center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share Tweet Email1 Image: Google maps 20,739 Views By David Raleigh The Oaks at Riverbank in Limerick near where the fire took place. Image: Google mapslast_img read more