first_img Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on January 29, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle News Ultra-fast charging Porsche Taycan Owners Get 3 Years Of Free Electrify America Charging Source: Electric Vehicle News The network has over 50 stations installed. Chargers were supplied by two comapnies – ABB (which also supplies Fastned) and Tritium. Because not all chargers were shut down, we assume that either Tritium has another cable supplier than HUBER+SUHNER or supplied lower-power chargers with standard cables so there is no need for a shut down.Dr. Michael Hajesch, CEO of IONITY said:“Customer safety is paramount. We were shutting down stations that use the HUBER+SUHNER high-powered cables while we confirm that they can be operated safely. We are cooperating with our partners and suppliers to enable normal operation as soon as possible”.center_img Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit To Install 1,600 Fast Chargers Within 10 Years In 2018 Over 386,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Were Registered In Europe IONITY needed to switch off 20 ultra-fast stations in four countriesIONITY, similar to Electrify America and Fastned, received an urgent recommendation from HUBER+SUHNER – supplier of liquid-cooled cables – to shuts down high-powered chargers (up to 350kW) until potential safety issue are solved.In result, 20 stations – affected by the concerns – in Austria, Switzerland, France and Denmark were shut down.Chargers still operational are in Germany, Italy, Denmark (except site in Aabenraa), Sweden and Norway.“20 IONITY charging stations are effected by this measure in Austria, Switzerland, France and Denmark. IONITY chargers not affected by the high-power cable issue will remain open and available for use. These including IONITY charging stations in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Denmark (except site in Aabenraa), Sweden and Norway.”last_img read more